Beyond the Classroom
My commitment is simply to help you learn to speak French that is reasonably fluent, spontaneous, grammatically accurate, culturally appropriate, and easily understood by a native speaker of French. Using the advanced eLearning platform WiZiQ, you will learn French through presentations, conversation and interactive participation. Throughout the lesson, links will be provided to view short movies, listen to songs, to vocabulary and dialogs. Students will receive audio assignments to continue practicing even when the lesson is over, which has proven to be a sure method to progress.
Mastering a language comes from actively learning and practicing every day. My goal is to help you learn throughout the week even after class time is over. Between lessons, I will provide you with exercises and packets where you will repeat words, sentences, songs, skits and more. You will be able to record yourself, compare it, and take notes. In addition you can reach me through Skype at anytime you need further help.
Each class is 60 minutes per week.
Rates are $80 for 4 classes payable in advance through Paypal or check. This fee includes class time as well as weekly audio assignments.

Please contact me for any special requests (ie. School projects, travel, etc.)